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i'm a modern girl

but i fold in half so easily

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a tribe called quest, aged parm-reg, alfred kinsey, alice waters, alton brown, amy bloom, ana matronic, ani difranco, anita lo, anna sui, annie dillard, annie leibowitz, anything christopher guest, astrology, being a leo, belgian dark chocolate, belle and sebastian, ben harper, bettie page, bjork, books, built to spill, bust magazine, camel lights, cameron crowe, cat power, cooking, craftin' it up, david bowie, david lachappelle, dodging your phonecall, dos equis, drunken tomfoolery, egullet, elliott smith, erotica, eyebrows, feminism, figurine, fire, fischerspooner, foodies, gay clubs, gruyere, haruki murakami, havarti, hedwig, hollins u, hollywood trash, hot hot heat, hot lesbian chefs, humie, indian food, jackson pollock, jeff buckley, jeffrey eugenides, jeffrey steingarten, jets to brazil, john cameron mitchell, jonathan franzen, joni mitchell, ladytron, laughing, laurberite, le tigre, macaroni and cheese, manu ginobili, margaret cho, mark rothko, mates of state, mfk fisher, mi familia, michelle tea, mirah, modest mouse, my bluestar tattoo, múm, newcastle, nick hornsby, nico, nigella lawson, orchids, paella, parenthetical side notes, paul thomas anderson, photography, playing freaky factory, portishead, radiohead, rain, reading, regina spektor, rilo kiley, robb walsh, rumors (rip), sabrina ward harrison, san antonio spurs, scissor sisters, sephora, sex and the city, shiner hefeweizen, sierra nevada, six feet under, skinny dipping, sleeping, smoking the pizzie, south padre island, spoon, starfighter lilies, stephen trask, svoboda jeans, talking heads, taqueria-style tacos, tegan and sara, texas, the arcade fire, the good life, the l word, the notwist, the pixies, the postal service, the shins, the unicorns, the upland brewery, the wavy g, tina fey, tits on the radio, titty tapping, toni morrison, venus magazine, voluptuous women, weezer, well-crafted glass pieces, wes anderson, writing, ♀♀